Monet in the Adirondacks I 44h x 64wMonet in the Adirondacks II 44h x 64wMonet Summering in the Adirondacks 34" x 64WRacquette River 40 H x 72 WDive IN 45 x 45Dive In II 45.5 x 45.5Dive In III 45.5 x 45.5Dive in IV 43H x 36WDive In VI 55h x 50wDive into Dawn 40h x 72wLake Edge 4oh x 60wBlue Tree I 37.5h x 29.5WBlue Tree II 37.5h x 29.5WGrasp 37.5h x 29.5WRed Maple I 40 x 60Red Maple II 40 x 60Red Maple III 44.5h x 38.5 wLake Blues 34h x 28wRothko at the Lake 34h x 28wLake Cloud 34h x 28w