Water is my passion. I seek it out for solace, renewal, perspective, artistic inspiration, sport, play, theater, and revelation, and in these different series I explore its various manifestations.
WaterworksRed Ball's Adventures in the PoolWater in TumultWater Paints in BlueWater TreesWaterscapesWater GalaxiesThe North ForkPool PaintsWater Paints in Gold and BrownWater Paints in GreenWater Paints in NeonWaterfallsWaterfalls in Black and WhiteDive into the UniverseMiami: ReflectionsNiagara ChimerasWater SkinÍsblúsNight WatersPoolside Geometry and PhysicsPoolside AstronomyPoolside CyanotypePoolside MiamiPoolside WaterpaintsHamptons SeascapesSeascapes and Surf in Black and WhiteNantucket SeascapesUntamed Seascapes