Wall A- Morning Paddle (72"W x 48"H).jpgWall B- Forest Float (32"W x 40"H).jpgWall C- Sunset Gathering 72"W x 48"HWall D1Wall D1- Autumn Fire 32"W x 40"HWall D1- Autumn Eve 32"W x 40"HWall D1- Autumn Floats 32"W x 40"HWall D1- Lily Pads I 32"W x 40"HWall D2Wall D2- Water Galaxy I 32"W x 40"HWall D2- Water Galaxy II32"W x 40"HWall D2Wall D2- Lake Scape (28"W x 34"H)Wall D2- Lake Ripples (28"W x 34"H)Wall D2-Rothko at the Lake (28"W x 34"H)Wall D2- Lake Cloud (28"W x 34"H)Wall EWall E- Lake Gold I 28"W x 34"HWall E- Lake Gold II 28"W x 34"HPanel 1A- Monet in the Adirondacks IV 60"W x 40"H