The Hairdresser
Savarese's hairdresser, a formidable, 6 ½ foot-tall, bald, ex-Israeli soldier, has big and powerful hands. He was happy to oblige when asked if she could photograph him at work one morning at his salon.



My Still Life Aviary
Although enthralled by the enigmatic beauty and character of mounted aviary specimens, Savarese never lost sight of man's hubris in turning these animals into replicas of themselves and the inherent irony in striving to achieve a kind of immortality for them by killing them. Doubly ironic, however, is that she has also never felt more deeply the wonder and beauty of our animal kin than in her close-up encounters with these mounted birds.


Sea Skin
Exploring the many manifestations of water and our own multi-faceted relationship with this vital and extraordinary substance has been one of Savarese's enduring passions. Her Sea Skin series skims the surface of this focus, featuring a variety of sea textures.



Water Theater
Frothing, foaming, surging, pounding, cascading, churning, spraying, swirling, blazing---the drama of water has a deep primal reach. In her Water Theater series, Savarese explores water in full tumult.



Water Paints
In her Water Paints series, Savarese embraces the challenge of attempting to capture serendipitous compositions of reflected strokes and pigments on the surface of water, while avoiding cliche.



The Peony
Photographing flowers whenever they are given to Savarese has helped her appreciate more fully why they play such a singular role throughout the world. Always and everywhere, flowers are given to celebrate every happy event, to honor every milestone, and to pay tribute and to console wherever there is grief--serving as apt and universal metaphors for the full emotional spectrum of humanity. The peonies featured in this series were given to Savarese by her children and husband for Mother’s Day.